Where does Tuliply get its content?
Tuliply collects its beauty content from all over the web, from independent blogs to well-known publications.
Why should I sign up?
While you can browse Tuliply without an account,signing up is the only way to build your own customised feed of beauty content that’s only relevant to you.
How does Tuliply personalise content for me?
Tuliply gets to know you through a short quiz that helps us understand your beauty needs and preferences. Once it has gotten to know you, Tuliply picks out the most relevant beauty content from around the web and tailors a personal feed according to your beauty profile. The more you use Tuliply, the better it gets.
How do I change my beauty profile?
Your beauty profile can be changed by accessing your direclty editing your personal profile or retaking the beauty quiz, both accessible from the user menu by clicking your name on the top right corner of the webiste after you sign in.
I'm a Content Creator, is Tuliply stealing my content and traffic?
No, Tuliply shows a preview of your articles and sends readers directly to your webiste when they click on them.
How can Tuliply help content creators?
Tuliply showcases your content to thousands of new readers and helps you gain more traffic organically. Tuliply matches relevant content to individual users, helping you gain loyal followers that identify with your content.

Tuliply is also a great resource tool. With the help of advanced machine learning technology, we monitor every trend and viral potential on the web to help content creators stay inspired and ahead of the curve.
How do I get my articles featured on / removed from Tuliply?
If you don't see your articles featured on Tuliply or if you would like your articles removed from Tuliply, please send us an email and we'll get right on it. Alternatively, you can send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.
Do I have to pay to get my articles featured?